Film directors at MFF

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-08-18 om 12.37.49

The Music Film Festival has more films and more extras on the program this year. Almost every film has an extra guest: sometimes the music artist being portrayed, sometimes the filmmaker and sometimes both. And where possible live music is performed.

A large number of directors are coming to Tilburg this year to personally talk to the audience about their film. On Friday 1 September, Olivier Joliat and Matthias Willi from Basel, Switzerland (photo) will talk about their film ‘Play With The Devil’ about metal band Zeal & Ardor. Jan Douwe Kroeske will present his film ‘The Story of Countdown’ and will also talk to Countdown presenter Simone Walraven at the screening.

On Saturday 2 September, the German film director Jörg Steineck will present his film ‘Inside Scofield’, about the American guitarist John Scofield. The Dutch filmmaker Pieck Kock comes – together with the band members – to talk about her film ‘El Cantina’ about the punk rock band from Berkel-Enschot. Film director Dick Maas is the maker of the Golden Earring video clips and with him and Earring bassist Rinus Gerritsen we talk about the cinematic qualities of the Netherlands’ most famous rock band.

Marc Waltman (director) and Jean-Paul van Mierlo (producer) present their documentary ‘Walking In The Opposite Direction’ about Adrian Borland & The Sound on Sunday 3 September. They come together with Michael Dudley, the original drummer of The Sound. Martijn Martens is the filmmaker of the hip-hop film ‘Marciano X Born’ and he is coming to Tilburg together with the protagonist  Marciano. And we will speak with John Anderson, the American director of the blues documentary ‘Born In Chicago’,

Not yet confirmed, but working on it: British filmmaker Roddy Bogawa of the film ‘Have You Got It Yet: Syd Barrett’ about the founder of Pink Floyd.