Walking In The Opposite Direction

Adrian Borland & The Sound

Sun 3 September - 16:00 - Movie Theater Cinecitta

Documentary about Adrian Borland & The Sound, the famous new wave band from the 1990s. Plus interview with Sound drummer Michael Dudley.

‘Walking In The Opposite Direction’ by filmmaker Marc Waltman is a film about the tragic struggle of singer and songwriter Adrian Borland. The singer/songwriter suffered from severe depression and fought a constant inner battle. On the one hand, that’s what made the music of The Sound so intense. But on the other hand it, it eventually led to tragedy.

Medication brought more peace, but at the same time blocked Borland’s emotion and creativity to write. Unacceptable for the songwriter. Adrian’s choice: “Walking in the Opposite Direction”.

Adrian Borland first formed his own punk band ‘The Outsiders’ in London in 1977. With the help of Adrian’s father, the band members recorded their first LP. In the early 1980s, ‘The Outsiders’ evolved into ‘The Sound’. Punk was called New Wave from then on and the band started a slow climb upwards.

With debut album “Jeopardy” and especially successor “From the Lion’s Mouth” the band built up a large fan base, especially in the Netherlands. But Borland’s psychoses got the better of him and eventually the band had to stop.

Adrian continued solo and lived in the Netherlands for the most part in the 1990s. He made several solo albums with modest success. In 1999 he was working on the album ‘Harmony and Destruction’, when he decided to stop taking his medication to improve his singing skills. His depression and paranoia returned and eventually led to his death.

At the screening we will speak with Michael Dudley, drummer of The Sound, director Marc Waltman and producer and biographer Jean-Paul van Mierlo. All three will come to Tilburg to answer questions from the audience.

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Sun 3 September - 16:00 - Movie Theater Cinecitta