Ramses Shaffy Evening

Film + live music

Sat 7 September 2024 - 19:00 - Movie Theater Cinecitta

Ode to singer/actor Ramses Shaffy, who died 15 years ago. A special evening with two documentaries, two directors, the singer Emma Wijdeveld and special guest: singer/actor Maarten Heijmans.

Everything about Ramses Shaffy was special, even his origins: child of an Egyptian consul in Paris and a Polish countess, and raised by a Dutch host family. He became known in the 1960s through small roles in TV programs and founded the theater group where he met Liesbeth List. His first big hit was ‘Sammy’ in 1967, followed a year later by ‘Pastorale’ together with List. ‘ Laat Me ‘ was published in 1978. In addition to his singing career, he also continued to act on both stage and TV.

Ramses Shaffy died in December 2009.

At the Music Film Festival we will be showing the documentary ‘Wacht Maar Af’ (2022, 50 min), by director Susan Koenen. In this film the camera follows the young musician/singer Emma Wijdeveld, who wants to follow in the footsteps of her idol Ramses Shaffy. Presenter Helmut Boeijen talks to Susan Koenen and Emma Wijdeveld about the film and Shaffy’s influences on young musicians. Followed by a live performance by Emma Wijdeveld.

After a short break we will show the famous documentary ‘Ramses: Ou Est Mon Prince?’ (2002, 70 min) by director Pieter Fleury. Helmut Boeijen talks to Fleury about his work with Shaffy. The film marked a comeback for Shaffy, who had been out of action for a long time.

Special guest is the Dutch actor Maarten Heijmans who became famous for his portrayal of Ramses Shaffy in the award winning TV series ‘Ramses’ (2014). Boeijen speaks with Heijmans about his portrayal of Ramses and how he was able to empathize with that role. The actor is also a musician and performs with his band their own renditions of Shaffy songs. He will give a live performance at the Music Film Festival.

Helmut Boeijen (1969), presenter of the Shaffy evening at the Music Film Festival, is a journalist and documentary maker (VPRO, Omroep Brabant).

Tickets for this special evening can be purchased separately in two parts or at a discount as a passepartout for the full evening program:

  • part 1 with the documentary ‘Wacht Maar Af’, interviews with director Susan Koenen and singer Emma Wijdeveld, and a live performance by Emma Wijdeveld.
  • part 2 with the documentary ‘Ramses: Ou Est Mon Prince’, interviews with director Pieter Fleury, singer/actor Maarten Heijmans and a live performance by Maarten Heijmans.

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Sat 7 September - 19:00 - Movie Theater Cinecitta