Marciano X Born

Première hiphop dancefilm

Sun 3 September - 15:00 - Pathé Tilburg Centre

Short film about hip-hop dancer b-boy Marciano from Heerlen who visits his hero b-boy Born, who lives in New York, to learn about hip-hop music and dance.

Marciano X Born (working title) is a documentary that tells the story of two b-boys: Born (New York) and Marciano (Heerlen). Born in South Korea, b-boy Born has been active in the b-boy scene since the 1990s. In 2008, he moved to New York City, the birthplace of hip-hop and breakdance, and became an icon for breakdancers around the world for his exceptional skills, original moves and contributions to the culture.

Up-and-coming b-boy Marciano from Heerlen made a name for himself as a member of the HFC crew. Over the years he heard so many times that his dance style was similar to Born’s, that one day he decides to travel to NYC and visit Born. Not only to get to know his dances, but also his philosophy, thoughts and the origins of hip-hop.

This inspiring documentary takes you on a journey through NYC, following the stories of these two dancers closely.

This film is shown as a pre-show to ‘Stretch and Bobbito’. Filmmakers and dancers will be present at the screening in the Pathé Tilburg Centrum cinema.

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Sun 3 September - 15:00 - Pathé Tilburg Centre