Glass, My Unfulfilled Dream


Fri 6 September 2024 - 19:00 - Movie Theater Cinecitta - 90 min - 18,00 film + concert

A docu-comedy about a coming of age story of a 52-year-old man who pursues an old childhood dream: to become famous on the singing glasses. Preview

‘Glass’ will be in cinemas from October 4. The screening at MFF is a preview – in the presence of the filmmaker himself and a short concert with the glass organ.

From building his first glass organ with his own hands to a passionate meeting with the world-famous composer Arvo Part. Rogier Kappers wants to realize the dream he had as a nine-year-old boy: building an organ from singing glass and becoming famous with it. He was always a dreamer, full of ideas and projects that were supposed to bring him luck or fortune, but something always went wrong.
A celebration of recognition for many of us, and a celebration of the eternal appeal of music… and love!

Documentary by the Dutch filmmaker Rogier Kappers who has filmed his own music career, with the necessary self-mockery. Kappers became known for the award-winning music documentary Lomax The Songhunter. With ‘Glas’ he gives an insight into the event industry, which he goes through with his glass organ: from street artist to stage act.

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Fri 6 September - 19:00 - Movie Theater Cinecitta