Darius Brubeck Quartet

Sat 7 September 2024 - 19:00 - Music Stage Paradox - 90 min - 18,00 film + concert

Film premiere of documentary about the American jazz pianist Darius Brubeck (son of Dave 'Take Five' Brubeck) + a live concert by the Darius Brubeck Quartet. Also a live interview with Darius Brubeck and filmmaker Michiel ten Kleij.

‘Playing the Changes’ is a documentary about the life of jazz pianist Darius Brubeck (San Francisco, 1947), the eldest son of legendary jazz musician Dave Brubeck. People quite often see him as ‘the son of’ but he has used this distinction with idealism. This story examines why and how jazz had a transformative role in different types of societies such as Poland and South Africa and tracks Darius Brubeck’s involvement in both.

In this documentary of Dutch filmmaker Michiel ten Kleij, Darius reflects on his life, career and the success of the ensembles he had with students in his own Centre for Jazz and Popular Music in Durban, that he started with his South African wife Cathy. Using archival footage and interviews, the film highlights his part in a music department that stood at the forefront of cultural opposition to apartheid, and became a flagship anticipating the ‘new’ South Africa.

Playing the Changes is a film about what it is like to grow up as a jazz musician in a turbulent time of racial segregation in the US, political tension during the Cold War and applying these experiences to living and teaching in South Africa. What kind of mentor was Dave for Darius and how much of Dave Brubeck’s legacy is reflected in Darius’ career 100 years after Dave’s birth.

For five years, director Michiel ten Kleij followed Darius Brubeck all over the world. In addition to archive footage, the film contains interviews about the lives of jazz musicians during Apartheid, the connection between the two eras of both father and son, as well as the similarity between Dave and Darius Brubeck and how the apple did not fall far from the tree.


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Sat 7 September - 19:00 - Music Stage Paradox