Arno, Dancing Inside My Head

Arno Hintjens (TC Matic)

Fri 6 September 2024 - 21:30 - Movie Theater Cinecitta

Portrait of the Belgian singer Arno Hintjens (TC Matic) during the recording of one of his last solo albums 'Human Incognito'.

For the first time in almost 40 years, Arno Hintjens allows a filmmaker to follow him during his creative process. Belgian director Pascal Poissonnier films him during the recording of the last album the singer recorded while alive: ‘Human Incognito’, and on tour through Europe, America and Japan. He films him in his daily life, that is to say: on the tour bus, in the hotels, the concert halls, backstage and in the ICP studios in Brussels. Arno died last year.

‘Arno – Dancing inside my head’ gives an intimate insight into the dancing, unruly and impulsive head of Belgium’s greatest rock star of all time. With the collaboration of the French singer Jane Birkin.

Pascal Poissonnier filmed Arno for three years. He has managed to show Arno as he is, his ambiguity, his way of delving into himself, the music in his head. Revealing the man through his movements, his phrasing, his stage existence. A beautiful editing job.

The end credits feature a beautiful cover of Willie Dixon’s Backdoor Man, reminding us that Arno is probably the most incredible European bluesman. A deeply moving film that will surprise fans.

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Fri 6 September - 21:30 - Movie Theater Cinecitta