Policy Plan Music Film Festival

The Music Film Festival is a multi-day festival in Tilburg on several locations on walking distance from each other. The next edition will take place in September 2024 – from Friday 6th to Sunday September 8th. In the coming years, the festival will hopefully continue to grow and blossom as the place to be for music films.

Name: Stichting Music Film Festival

Address: Van Alphenstraat 15, 3581 JA Utrecht

Organization: Gerard van den Broek:  +31 (0)6 53177792

RSIN / Tax number: 859187433

Chamber of Commerce number: 72656697

Bank account number: NL04 ABNA0832185604


Gerard van den Broek (director/programming)

Communication: Frank Tebbe, Jasper Langedijk, Luc Goderie, Zahra Cobben

Production: Janet Verheijen

Staff: Ben Ackermans, Jos Belt, Rob Cobben, Robert Dölle, Wendy Dujardin, Harm de Kleine, Jan Douwe Kroeske, Martin Kuiper, René van der Lee, Jeroen Overbeek, Marianne Schoone, Ivo Suurmeijer, Elke Thissen

Finance: Frido de Vries

Website: Robin Lukken, Jasper Langedijk

Board (unpaid)

Camiel Hamans (chair)

Marja van der Kooi (secretary)

Lianne Sleutjes (treasurer)


The Music Film Festival is a multi-day festival in Tilburg taking place in several locations within walking distance of each other. In September 2024 the third edition will be held – from Friday 6th to Sunday September 8th. In years to come, the festival aims to become a weeklong event.

The Music Film Festival wants to offer both emerging and established filmmakers a platform to show their project to a wide audience. Music connects people – people of all ages and all kinds of backgrounds. We believe in the value of the work of older professionals and the power of innovation that young filmmakers bring to the field. We are particularly encouraging young Dutch filmmakers to send their music films to the festival.


The Music Film Festival Foundation aims to set up and develop a yearly week long festival that focuses on showing music films – documentaries, fiction and music videos – with additional musical performances or other relevant events such as discussions, educational activities and thematic meetings. The foundation does not shy away from any genre: from classical music to schlager, from blues to rap, but it does insist on quality. We show the films in the city of Tilburg. We seek local cooperation with the municipality, film and music venues and cultural institutions. At the same time, we emphatically seek a national image in the field of marketing and promotion.

The Music Film Festival aims to give as many people as possible an opportunity to enjoy high-quality music films and discover new dimensions in their favorite music genres. The Music Film Festival also aims to introduce music lovers to other genres they rarely encounter. The festival strives to be a showcase for student films to interest more young people in the arts of filmmaking and music.

The target group includes every lover of music, films and music films throughout the Netherlands and the world. The festival initially has 16+ as its target group, but in the future it aims to focus on young adults under the age of 16.

Time vs corona

The Music Film Festival takes place annually in the autumn, next year 2024 from Friday 6 to Sunday 8 September. In the past, the festival has been canceled or moved due to the corona pandemic. If the health situation and resulting government measures force us to do so, the Music Film Festival will once again not hesitate to take measures to guarantee the safety of our audience. Above all, the festival organization hopes that the pandemic will now finally disappear and everyone can enjoy film and music to their heart’s content and safely again.


The Music Film Festival Foundation intends to finance its activities through sponsoring and ticket sales. To achieve this, the foundation applies for subsidies from the municipality of Tilburg and regional and national cultural funds. The foundation also plans to collaborate with partners in Tilburg such as film and music venues and cultural institutions. Furthermore, local, regional and national companies are approached to see whether they may contribute to the festival via equipment or services, or financially. The Music Film Festival hopes to collect as many donations as possible, including through crowdfunding among sympathizers of the festival.

All income from the municipality, funds, private sponsors and ticket sales flow back into the festival and are used to support the festival organization in implementing the program and promoting the event. Any profits made by the current festival will be held by the foundation to be used for the development of the next edition of the event.


The Music Film Festival Foundation worked with a budget of € 36,000 for the second edition of the event.


Fundraising activities € 27,000
Ticket sales: € 9,500


Organizational costs €8,500
Marketing € 2,000
Program costs (films, rent, equipment, etc.) €12,000
Fees artists € 14,000

Remuneration policy

The board receives no compensation for its work. In case of a profit of the foundation, the expenses incurred by the volunteers will be covered. The board can only enter into financial agreements with the consent of all board members, as laid down in the memorandum of the association.

In accordance with the articles of association, the board will hold a meeting within six months of the end of the financial year in which the balance sheet and the statement of income and expenditure are determined.

In the establishment phase, the staff members of the organization are not reimbursed for their work. With a profit, the foundation will reimburse the staff members for their expenses.


The Music Film Festival Foundation has cultural ANBI status. To be classified as a cultural ANBI, the foundation must be at least 90% active in the cultural field. Donors of cultural ANBIs have an extra tax advantage, because an extra gift deduction of up to 125% applies to them.

Anyone who wants to support the Music Film Festival foundation can transfer any amount to bank account number: NL04 ABNA0832185604