MFF closed


The first edition of the Music Film Festival has come to an end with the film “De Hippies van Beek” by Frank van Osch and a performance by Ad Grootten, Van Osch and Veulpoepers frontman Zjef Naaijkens.
Organizer Gerard van den Broek (photo) would like to thank all employees of Cinecitta, 013, Pathé and Paradox, as well as the employees of the Music Film Festival for their enthusiastic efforts.
Thirteen performances were offered by the Music Film Festival this year: films about music, workshops about music, conversations and interviews about the stories behind the music and of course live music. The most visited were the film about Henny Vrienten in Filmtheater Cinecitta and the concert registration of metal band Epica in Pathé Tilburg Centrum. But also well-filled halls at Dinosaur Jr., Jorge Pardo, The Sparks Brothers and Karaoke Paradise, an impressive portrait about the beneficial effects of karaoke singing in Finland.
The Music Film Festival 2022 is over. It returns in 2023, with beautiful new movies about music and musicians.

@foto Ivo Suurmeijer