It’s a wrap


It’s a wrap! The second edition of the Music Film Festival is over. And we enjoyed three days of film + music. Hopefully you did too?

This year the organization did not seek to expand in time or locations, but to deepen the program. While four directors were present in Tilburg at the first edition, with three live performances, this year filmmakers and/or musicians were present at 16 films, there were live video connections with Melbourne, New York and Chicago and five concerts took place.

We attracted approximately 750 visitors, slightly more than last year and above all better spread across the various films and venues. Highlights in attendance figures were the film ‘El Cantina, That’s also rock ‘n’ roll’ about the Tilburg punk rock band of the same name and ‘Golden Earring Clips’ with film director Dick Maas and Earring bassist Rinus Gerritsen. According to audience reactions, artistic highlights were the opening film ‘Knowing the Score’ (and accompanying Q&A with lead actress Simone Young), the jazz film ‘Music for Black Pigeons’ and the Alain Johannes concert in 013.

And the filmmakers and musicians themselves were enthusiastic about the festival. “Thank you for the beautiful afternoon yesterday in Tilburg. I am always amazed that people travel from far away to see the film in the cinema,” writes Marc Waltman, director of the film ‘Walking in the Opposite Direction’. Blues guitarist Robbert Fossen found it “great fun” to perform after the film ‘Born in Chicago’: “An intimate living room was created after the film. I felt honored.”

Berlin filmmaker Jörg Steineck (‘Inside Scofield’) also thought it was “nice and intimate”: “Everyone was super friendly and attentive; such a great community, I really enjoyed it.” And Jan Donkers: “It was a beautiful afternoon, a pity that Willem II played at home against arch enemy NAC, but the audience was more than interested.”

The last lights of the MFF2023 have gone out, the bills are almost paid, the organizers are in awe. But not for long, because MFF2024 is coming up soon! We’ll continue next year. Two editions have proven it: a film festival that is all about music is not a bad idea.