A Pink Floyd trip


Attention Pink Floyd fans! The Music Film Festival screens two films that are of interest to fans: the Dutch premiere of ‘Have You Got It Yet: Syd Barrett’ (also known as ‘The Story of Syd Barrett & Pink Floyd’) and ‘Stamping Ground’ from 1971, George Sluizer’s film. The first, of course, is the documentary about the band’s founder and main songwriter of the first Pink Floyd album, Syd Barrett. A Dutch premiere, because the film has been circulating in England and America for some time, but has not been shown in the Netherlands before.

The second film is a report on the Holland Pop Festival in Kralingen, Rotterdam in 1970, where Pink Floyd headlined the main stage at the time. The story goes that Pink Floyd initially did not want Sluizer to include images of the band in the film. But once he did, the protest died down.

We have already heard from various Pink Floyd fans that they are making a special outing of the Music Film Festival: First on Saturday afternoon to Syd Barrett (Pathé Tilburg Center – 3 p.m.), then good food in the city, and then to Pink Floyd in ‘Stamping Ground’ (Filmtheater Cinecitta – 9 pm). What a good idea!